AUGUST 31, 2019
6:00PM - 12:00AM

On this night, we would like to acknowledge a film especially chosen for a pop audience, a film special enough to stand out among our entire 2019 film festival online selection. This night is a chance to express our devotion to what we believe is our film volta and rebel philosophy. This is what keeps the new punk cinema movement alive, ever growing, full of continuous discovery, and new. The philosophy which contributes to the basis of what we think, lies behind the revolutionizing.... innovations that determine the future of fast food cinema. The underground world of movie showcasing, that aims to destroy Hollywood’s cage of film industry standards, by flooding the masses with experimental, guerrilla and anti-art film. The unrealistic American standard, and its demanding stereotypes, are pressuring us to conform when in reality, it is controlling our lives. Fake ideas of living keep us working harder and consuming more. In turn, we disconnect to the realness of life. We fight the imperfections of the anti beauty, to avoid the truths of pain, aging, love and death. Now, more and more, pop audience’s are becoming entertained and distracted by exploring the unlimited video and film adventures found in youtube cyber space. Films are distributed online for free. Any film maker has the chance to get their film seen by many new and wide audiences. This is taking a number of pop audience’s by surprise and spectators are wandering the plethora of movies, clips, vlogs, DIY music videos, etc. of silly homemade videos taken with a camera phone that have been uploaded to the pool of media worthy junk. This is the basis of Straight Jacket. It gives the guerrilla film makers a home for international exposure. Straight Jacket Affair continues to promote the artist and the artist’s hand by showcasing their passion and vision, to becoming experimental. As these film makers set the path for other film makers to become inspired and along with no limits. Their imagination allows them to flourish by using resourceful and creative problem solving methods, where now a guerrilla film can be made on no budget. we pay homage to these pioneers who started out with just their passion to form original ideas. Any one who owns a camera phone and has the passion, desire and ambition to make a movie... don't give up on your dream! We comend you… the world is yours! On this special night Melinda Martinez brings together a group of artists to showcase a unique art expose consisting of many different styles coming together to exhibit their artistic talents, concepts and creative process. To introduce the night of festivities Thomas Lahomme will present an experimental interpretation of sound and poetry feat. an improvisation of theremin by Anti-Beauty's solo project.